Top Data Science Job Roles To Watch In 2020

Top Data Science Job Roles To Watch In 2020

Data Science is one of the predominant technologies in the analytics industry which is influencing several industries. Enterprises are now benefiting from Big Data in n number of ways with the application of advanced Data Science models tools & algorithms. Data Science is very crucial for interpreting with Big Data to extract hidden insights, explore unknown correlations & to make accurate predictions.

As the hype around Data Science is real, let’s take a look at the trending job roles in Data Science.

  • Data Analyst

The job role of Data Analysts involves collecting, processing, munging, and visualization of large amounts of Data. Also, Data Scientists are needed to frequently execute queries on the databases. And optimization is also one of the crucial skills for Data Analyst as they will be dealing with complex algorithms to extract insights from the data without corrupting it.

SQL, R, SAS, Python are among the crucial technologies that are needed to excel in a career as a Data Analyst.

  • Data Engineers

The job role of a Data Engineer involves setting up the data infrastructure for the businesses. This infrastructure is very crucial for Data Scientists to deploy complex algorithms to interpret & extract insights from the Big Data. Data Engineers are also required to perform the system upgrades to enhance the efficiency of the databases.

Hive, NoSQL, R, Ruby, Java, C++, and Matlab are among the crucial technologies that are needed to excel in a career as a Data Engineer.

  • Machine Learning Engineer

Apart from Data Scientists, Machine Learning Engineers are very much in-demand today. This job-role requires in-depth knowledge of advanced technologies like AI, Deep Learning, etc. As a part of their job role, they need to perform operations like building data pipelines and working on advanced machine learning algorithms.

Knowledge of languages like Java, Python, JS & also skills in statistics and mathematics are very crucial for the role of a Machine Learning engineer.

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